How to Root Pixel XL on Android Oreo 8.1 and 8.0?

As the latest Android operating system version Oreo is now available for Google Pixel XL, this is the right time to look for how root covers. And there is nothing too much to be excited about getting some hurdles here as Root Pixel XL on Android 8.1 or 8.0 does not come following the usual root methods. So knowing that makes you tired, here we put the complete step guide together which included of flashing Chainfire‘s SuHide in combination with SuperSU and AROMA SuperSU for the complete system-less root. Then get everything clear with us.

Root pixel XL

Google’s recent launch of Android Oreo packs so much of interesting upgrades to the user. So having it on on the Pixel XL will let you enjoy features like lock screen shortcuts, mode of the picture in picture, smart text feature and etc. Then why you still wait when you see the opportunity clear to grow up the functionality with root on Android Oreo? This is the systemless root on Pixel XL.

Before Begin,

Since systemless SBIN is set to default in Android Oreo 8.1 and 8.0, SuperSu Config isn’t required here as for the latest updates. And as this has successfully worked on several devices including mine, this is confirmed working flawlessly. But take extra care as this is something different from the typical rooting concept for previous Android versions. So follow the steps as given below. Proceed at your own responsibility.

Required Downloads

Please download below files before you proceed.

How to Root Pixel XL- Step Guide

  • Step 1: Copy modded TWRP files to the PlatformTools. Rename it as twrp-oreo.
  • Step 2: Now you need to transfer the downloaded files(SuHide, SuperSu and SuperSuConfig) into the device’s  internal storage
  • Step 3: Using a proper USB cable connects the device to the Windows PC.
  • Step 4: Boot your Android Device in to bootloader.(Use command : adb reboot bootloader )
  • Step 5: Let TWRP recovery get installed successfully and now the device is ready to boot into TWRP.  For that, (Use command: fastboot boot twrp-oreo.img)
  • Step 6: From the major menu, select  “Install” and then move to the flash SuperSUConfig file as the next step.
  • Step 7: Again get with the install option from the interface and flash the SuperSU file by now
  • Step 8: Select the option for Systemless SBIN through the installer feature for SuperSuConfig. Then leave the options as default before moving further.
  • Step 9: Now you need booting the phone to the system (Do not begin installing TWRP, just let it to boot the system) and reboot once again to the TWRP as above.
  • Step 10: As the final step, Install the SuperSU hide from theTWRP to flash the file. After that,  boot once again in order to get a successful systemless root  on Pixel XL

These are basically what you need following to get Systemless root on Pixel XL. If there is any point you need the further hand, feel free to reach us for any details.

Verify the Root Status,

By now your device must have completely rooted. To get that confirmed, it will be helpful to download the app Root Checker from the store from which you can confirm the root status easily.

Root Pixel XL

You are successful with Root Pixel XL, so how do you plan to get fun with different Android mods and etc? Keep in touch with for more updates.

Root Nexus 5X Complete Guide

It was a couple of years back, Google embarks upon two nexus Smartphones to blooming analyses, and in the way that we have grown to assume, the community does not leftover time for unveiling a perfect rooting technique for both. Altogether, fabulous XDA associate Chainfire even formulated an all-new “systemless” approach in aimed at Android rooting that must create update a bit fewer complex, besides a couple of further paybacks. However, this planned Root Nexus 5X capable to archive administrative level privileges devoid of amending your structure’s partition at any rate with the specified systemless root moniker. Since a couple of Android built-in security keys desire to bypass this aimed at root permit plus in turn, prior records clarified that all often approaches are applicable this new technique.

root nexus 5x

More about Root Nexus 5X

By the way, for those who are possessing Nexus 6P/5X and Google Pixel Xl/Pixel may wonder if they are able to root Nexus 5X using the point out utility while being with the hottest Android Oreo or else the version 8.0. This is what we always hear behind new software launches. In general, it is not that complicated or tough if you possess a Nexus 5X. The development does not that different. There is a decent utility to root your beloved device running Oreo. This is a highly recommended way in designed through Chainfire’s SuHide plus SuperSU that lead to systemless root admission.

In fact, the exact method, know to empower operators to bury root status simply throughout app-by-app basis.  There is no any certain graphical user interface. However, finally, you will be eligible to access tons of third-party sources, high-security features, tweaks, confidential supports and further.

root nexus 5x

The procedure


  • The most recent SuperSU
  • Nexus 5X functioning Android 8.0 (Android 6.0 and any higher)
  • Recent TWRP for Nexus 5X.
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Install needed USB drivers to the primed Windows computer. And also, install ADB and fastboot drivers too
  • Assist USB debugging mode

As instructed, backup important data

How to root nexus 5X?

  • First of all, download and arrange required files
  • SuperSU, SuHide and SuperSuConfig have to set up on the device storage
  • The applicable TWRP is the next that has to move the file to the ADB folder. And there you should rename the file

TWRP setup

  • Enable fastboot mode on your device. Power down the Nexus 5X > press + hold > Volume down > Power keys, until the Fastboot menu open on the display
  • Pick up the USB cable right away and network your device and the PC
  • Navigate to ADB folder and launch a command prompt window. You can simply arrange it using cmd code and then Enter on the folder address bar. Check whether you arranged it properly entering fastboot devices + Enter key on the opened window. The window should display the device’s serial code
  • And then, twrp-oreo.img text has to replace with the respective file name that you settled TWRP image
  • The flashing procedure will end and then you have to remove the handset from the PC and set into the recovery mode. Use volume button to select the mode and command it using the Power switch

Flash SuperSU

  • Go to recovery mode and pick up Install option. And then you can navigate to SuperSuConfig. Though, SuperSuConfig is not perfectly match with Android 8.0, this is for extra sure
  • Press the Select more zips and SuperSU
  • Swipe to the bottom and flash all two files
  • Enter Systemless SBIN and let SuperSU decide options from SuperSUConfig
  • And finally, bring the procedure to an end pressing the key tagged as Reboot system

Video Guide.


Well, at the end of the procedure, you should see the icon of SuperSU in your app drawer. Besides, you are able to enjoy all that you desire as a rooted user thanks to this influential root nexus 5X Android Oreo procedure. But also, there is a huge barrier against a couple of applications such as Snapchat, Pokemon, Netflix, Android Pay and so on.

Pros and cons of SuHide root Nexus 5X.


  • SuHide will never ask you to globally restrict root.
  • On stock ROMs, you are able to pass SafetyNet care by default.
  • And this does not need Xposed.


  • Still, there is no user interface.
  • In the end a down game.

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